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About us

The history of the brand Klitzing Jewels begins in 2016 in Berlin. After more than 15 years of experience in the trade with precious stones, the idea grew to create something new and bigger. Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, etc. are beautiful classy objects. But their full splendor first comes into play as part of a piece of jewelry.

The further development of the gemstone trade to the jewelry maker Klitzing Jewels was born.

We consciously turn to luxury-oriented customers who value unique premium jewelry. Our focus is mainly on the modern man, for whom the terms fashion and styling belong to a natural self-understanding.

With Klitzing Jewels , we want to make a contribution to the fact that the modern man can emphasize his individual style through fine jewelry.

Stylish, luxurious and especially unique jewelry is our passion.

Achieving this goal is of particular importance to us, which is why we have been researching intensively for unique features. With the results we reach an exclusivity of our jewelry as it has not yet been achieved. Our jewelry has a brand-specific character:

Our stylishly designed bracelets are decorated with black diamonds.

The black diamond is a perfect gemstone and is enjoying increasing popularity in the fashion world. He is not only a status symbol, he is also a sign of exclusivity.

Whether discreet, elegant or extravagant - our men’s jewelry makes fashion-conscious men outstanding, and are therefore in full swing.

We want to offer our customers this exclusivity and luxury at a reasonable price. For us, luxury is a sign of passion and enjoyment.

Therefore, it goes without saying that the production in our manufactory is done by hand in order to provide the highest possible quality. The designs of the various jewelry pieces were all made by Klitzing Jewels , which we are particularly proud of.

We hope that you will enjoy our jewelry in terms of aesthetics as well as the quality and wish you much pleasure with it.