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I have been trading in precious stones for more than 15 years and are therefore very familiar with the purchase and distribution of these beautiful stones. The decision to develop luxury jewelry was almost predestined. Individual designs for customers were not a rarity. The progress to become a jewelry manufacturer was therefore a logical evolutionary step for me. On the numerous journeys to various Asian and Arab countries, luxury was a constant companion. High-quality products and the pursuit of beauty and excellence belong to the normal tone. With the founding of the Klitzing Jewels brand, the collected experiences, inspiration and my own requirements regarding the design of jewelry pieces we strive to combine this knowledge to deliver outstanding quality.
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Marissa Klitzing


As a Berlin native, I have been working in pedagogy for almost 15 years. Working in a social area has always corresponded to my desire to improve my environment in a positive sense. For me, jewelry and luxury are no foreign words and accompany me all my life. With my marriage the interest in dealing with precious stones grew. Numerous ideas for the further development of the business developed, which could be partially implemented but were never operated as a main business. The positive feedback from our customers from all over the world was the signal for me to strive to develop my ideas together with my husband. Particular attention is paid to the beauty and elegance that we want to implement with our jewelry. In a vibrant metropolis like Berlin, there are numerous suggestions that allow us to set new trends and high standards with regard to quality.
Rainer and Marissa