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Is it possible to cancel an article or a complete order?
If you change your opinion on an article or a total order you can cancel it within 14 days and send back the jewelry.
Is it possible to place an order without registration?
Yes. You can select the “guest” option while going through the ordering process.
Are there limits to the amount of items that can be ordered?
No, there is no order limit for us. Please note that some payment options have daily limits. In this case we recommend to complete the order and to make the payment on several days with the order number sent to you. You can also contact our customer service at any time.


Which payment methods are available?
You can order bye Bank Transfer, Paypal, Sofortüberweisung, credit card or Klarna payment.

Returns and Refunds

When can I return my items?
You can return the item to us up to 14 days after receipt.
What should I do if the size of my bracelet does not fit?
14 days after receipt of the goods you have the possibility to return purchased items within Germany free of charge. If you give us the correct size, we can send you the appropriate replacement.
What do I do when I complain?
You have 2 years warranty on all production-related defects of our articles. If something breaks your jewelry within this period, please contact our Customer Support by phone or e-mail. Within Germany you can send us your article free of charge and we repair it.

Shipment and Delivery

How long does the delivery take?
Your jewelry will be produced for you immediately after ordering. It depends on the order situation, in exceptional situations (Christmas, special events, etc.) it may take a little longer. We ask for your understanding. The delivery time after dispatch depends on your order country and the delivery company. It can take anywhere from one to several days in Germany, from two to several days in other European countries, and from one week to the rest of the world. Please keep in mind that we have no influence on the delivery time after shipment.
In which packaging is the item shipped?
All our items are delivered in high quality black packaging.

Jewelry and Material

In what sizes are the bracelets?
This information can be found in our sizeguide
What does black diamond mean?
We process exclusively natural precious diamonds.
What does 2 mic 18k gold-plated?
We gild silver jewelry with a high-quality, durable 2 micron gilding. 18k stands for 750 gold.
What is the string composed of?
The string is made of nylon. This is connected to our jewelry elements via the oriental knotted macrame and is particularly stable and resistant.
Can I put the jewelry into the water?
We strongly advise against contact with water. The string may be colored by chlorine or salt in the water. Salt water also affects the high-quality gilding and causes a rapid abrasion of the gold.
Is the jewelry free of nickel?
Yes. According to the corresponding EU regulation, each of our articles is free of nickel.
How much does the jewelry weigh?
We produce all silver and gold pieces in full casting. This means you are not hollow. This results in a long service life as well as a high value due to the increased material expenditure. Depending on the model and size ordered, the face can be between 20-50 grams.


I run a blog and would like to write about one of your articles. Who shall I talk to?
We are honored and pleased and that you like our jewelry and you appreciate it. Please contact our support team.
I am an influencer and am interested in cooperation?
We are always interested in cooperating with influentials who like our product. Please contact our support team.