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Unfortunately there is no size standard for bracelets, as it is for garments. This can sometimes lead to confusion, which is why we want to use this guide to help you determine the correct size. Following sizes are available:

xs 14 - 16 cm
s 16 - 18 cm
m 18 - 20 cm
l 20 - 22 cm
xl 22 - 24 cm

The best method is to use a tape measure. Keep in mind that the tape measure is just above the ankle (in the direction of the body). If you do not have a measuring tape, you can alternatively use a cord or the edge of a DIN A4 sheet and then remove the length from a ruler. The measured size must be increased by 1 cm because the range of different natural factors can be influenced and therefore not always the same. You must decide for yourself whether you prefer to wear the bracelet loose or tight-fitting. If you want to keep it loose, you should add it to the length of 2cm (alternative, you can also hold the index finger and middle finger under the belt to measure the “gap”).